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They offer handwoven Thai silk and homemade traditional Thai clothing.
Suits are created from the finest cloths in the world, 90% of which are British worsted.
The Hong Kong runs Thailand Based Garment agent office, circular knit cut and sewn garment factory, major qouta broder firm, top ten quota holder for ECC, EU, USA.
Fisherman's pants, shirts, skirts, cushions, hammocks and many other SE Asian/Thai items at guaranteed top quality and cheapest prices!!
We have supplied apparels through major wholesales market in Thailand such as Boe Bae Market, Bai Yok / Pratunam Market, etc. for over 18 years under our own registered brands.
They bring the best of Thailand direct to your door such as Thai Silk Clothes for ladies, men and children and Silk Material, Pashminas, Silk Bedspreads, Pillow Cases and more. is a website sale thai silk online.
Sell quality thai clothing and crafts online that are affordable to all.
Save up to 50% on wholesale fashion handbags. Thailand wholesale fashion handbags manufacturer/purses wholesaler offers high quality wholesale fashion handbags, wholesale purses at attractive prices.
Offers a catalog of men's and women's clothing, Thai traditional dress, and underwear from local merchants and exporters.
Wholesaler of fabric and general merchandise.
Specializing in fabric, neckties, scarves and handkerchiefs, cushion covers, boxer shorts, silk shirts, and accessories.
Vogue Fashions in Bangkok Thailand custom tailors suits, tuxedos, sport jackets, pants, topcoats and shirts for men.
Unlimited fashion for men : T-shirts and underwear.
Producer of football apparel, and other sports apparel, soccer and other balls, soccer and other sports shoes.
Manufacturer and distributor of high quality zip fasteners, hook and loop fasteners, buttons, buckles and more.