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Muay Thai

Muaythai Training Camp at Phuket Thailand.
The original Muay Thai Chaiya from Grand Master Ketra Sriyaphai through Master Tong and Master Prang.
The Singto Network offers tuition of the highest possible standard to all ages of Men, Women and Children, by blending both the old and the new styles of Muay Thai.
The formal Thai name of our camp is Khaay Muay Sit-Kangmongkorn to honor our Kru Yai Matee "Kangmongkorn" Jedeepitak. Informally, they go by Sit-Dragon Leg MuayThai.
Sitpholek Muay Thai institute is a Muay Thai camp and school in Pattaya Thailand where you can train with former champions like Changpuek Kiatsongrit and Moteck.
Providing Muay Thai (Thaiboxing) training gym located in Bangkok, Thailand. Sor.Vorapin Muaythai gym 1 and 2, Producer of Thai boxing equipment S.Win (W) and distributor of others brand. Thaiboxing Promotion (overseas fight).
SMAC is a new unique concept in fitness and sports. We integrate a large number of modern fitness activities with martial arts and sports in a center with state-of-the-art equipment.(Soi Asoke).
Muaythai Training Gym at Phuket , Thailand.
Tiger Muay Thai & MMA is Phuket's Premiere training facility. They offer 2 conveinant locations, Muay Thai and MMA rings, 12+ training stations, sauna, steam, massage, swimming pool, free-weights, nautilus, running program, bungalows, and motorbike rentals.
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Offers history and tradition of Muay Thai including Wai Kru ritual and more.