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Plastics and Rubber

Siam Gumed Tape Co.,Ltd is the first packaging tape manufacturer in Thailand. Our company was established on January 1,1963.
Found in 1998, Siriwan Plastics Co., Ltd. manufactures and distributes recycled plastic products throughout Thailand. The plastic products we manufacture range from household to industrial purposes products i.e. plastic containers, PTK formwork and plastic products for construction purposes.
We started producing plastic toys with candy which became highly demanded for both local and international market.
Sri Sinn Fah Tannery Co., Ltd was established in 1950. We are one of the leading tannerries in Thailand. We specialize in all kind of high quality of top grain and split with varieties of colours and emboss prints for shoes upper, handbages and leathergoods.
T.S.T Plaspack Co., Ltd. was established in 1970. Over 30 years in Plastic bags business in Thailand. It makes us to be well-known among our customers around the World.
Our first shop was founded in 1972. At the beginning, products, which mostly were men made-to-order shoes were produced under "Sheep brand." Shoes were produced by a factory in the shop.
We are the best company of making children shoes in thailand. We are specialized in making all kind of children shoes such as slippers, sandal, sport shoes, and casual shoes. We are the lincensee for Mickey for kids, Winnie the pooh,Teletobies, Banan in pyjamas in Thailand.
In 1978, Company was established as a joint venture between The British Printing and Communications Corporation (Europe's largest printing group) and four Thai banks, Thai Farmers Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Bank of Asia and Thai Danu Bank to produce cheques and bank documents.
The Leading Company for Plastic Products in Thailand.
Umbrella & Parts.
Topper Leather Co., Ltd., established in 1986 and has accumulated 15 years of experience in producing top quality leather goods such as handbags, wallets, belts, purses and keyholders.
Manufacture Make Up To The Order Rubber Tape & Rubber Threads Elastic Braid, Elastic Webbing as a component of baby diapers (Leg and waist portion) such as Lady is swimwear, underwear, Jump suits, night gown, athletic suit and brassieres, or any other garment industries that use elastic products as the components of the products.
Manufacturer and Exporter for various type of hidh density and low density PolyUrethane bags.
Vanachai Group has transformed its knowledge from Plywood industrial to Particle Board and from Particle Board to MDF Board. As the technology maturing, we have always been the leader in the wooden industrial. Vanachai Group was the first in Thailand to develop the Particle Board and MDF Board, which made of Rubber wood.
Vandapac Co. Ltd. was founded in 1988, as a local manufacturer of plastic goods. In just over ten years, we have become one of the regions' largest plastic manufacturers, employing over 400 people full-time, and serving clients both in Thailand and in several foreign countries.
At World Pet International Company, our highly experienced management team has enjoyed over twenty years of successful manufacturing and exporting of dog-chew products.
Manufacturers of plastic shopping bags, super gloss, poly bags and a variety of plastics, bags, for export.
Manufacturing various Polypropylene Plastic files (PP files) including clear holder, clear holder file, handy bag, action case, artist bag, ring binder, envelope, name card holder, note book, expanding file, clip file, letter file, clear book...etc.