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Gifts and Crafts

Ceramics and giftware from Northern Thailand. Also contains information about touristic sites, hotels.
Decorative and gifts items made of shells, metal, resin, wood, buffalo horns, etc. Bangkok, Thailand.
Thai Idea Art & Craft Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of Thai Hand made art & crafts. Our products are made of natural materials eg.
Aluminium is one of the most abundant metals on earth, it makes up eight percent of the earth’s crust. Due to the amazing versatility and advantages of the metal, it finds new utilization everyday.
Thai Pottery Industry Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer with some 20 years experience in the field of potteryware.The company is situated in Chiang Mai, the prominent city in northern Thailand.
UniG manufactures thai silk organizers diaries and promotional premium gifts from Thailand.
Manufacturer & Exporter of Decorative products are produced from centuries old methods. Made in a small pituresque village in the North of Thailand. These products have a unique quality of there own.