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Was established on January 5, 1957 as a joint venture between the Jaovisidha family and Toyota Tsusho Corporation of Japan, holding 51% and 49% company shares, respectively.
"Purchase Tuk Tuks for your business!
Vandapac Co. Ltd. was founded in 1988, as a local manufacturer of plastic goods. In just over ten years, we have become one of the regions' largest plastic manufacturers, employing over 400 people full-time, and serving clients both in Thailand and in several foreign countries.
"The root of Wichien goes back to the year 1971, Wichien Auto Parts
Specialize in Forklift Parts, accessories & Batteries .
World of car, truck, suv and more styling and also autoparts and accessories from around the world.
Innovation Technology of Yuasa, Japan in Thailand.