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GemWow Sells Rare, Unusual Gemstones, and Jewelry from Southeast Asia, especially Thailand and Burma (Myanmar). As genuine gemstones and nature lovers coming from our homeland.
"Manufacturer and exporter of gemstone.
The leading manufacturer in Cubic Zirconia, and all kind of Gems Stones and Semi Precious Stones In Bangkok Thailand.
"The concave cut specialist in semi-precious stone.
Web Site for gems stones dealers, Jewelers, scientists and people interested in these topics.
Manufacturer, importers & exporters of precious and semi-precious stone.
"Specialist of blue topaz, iolite, aquamarine, amethyst, peridot, tourmaline, tsavorite.
Specialist in ruby, sapphire and precious stone jewelry.
"Semi-precious, Amethyst, garnet, peridot, Iolite, Rhodolite, citrine, tanzanite, aquamarine, Pink tourmaline, etc
Followers of ancient Vedic science of the relationship between 9 (categories of) Gems and 9 (categories of ) Planets recognized as most important in sidereal astrology and ayurveda.
In 1990, Rungsup Diamond Gems Center opened to the public, located on the ground floor of the Mall Shopping Center in Bangkapi.
Specializes in the selection and commercialization of high quality gemstone.
Manufacturer and exporter of semi-precious gemstone, sterling silver jewelry, and more
Offering gold and silver rings with ruby, sapphires, diamond, pearl, emerald, lab gems, and semi-precious stones with secure payment.
Star lanka brings the world’s best selection of high-quality diamonds, fine jewelry, gemstones, watches and luxury gifts to the Internet.
Manufacturer and wholesaler of gemstone including star sapphires, ruby, cat's eye, and more.
Supplier of rubies and pink, blue, and yellow sapphires, and precious stones.
Manufacturer and exporter of gold and silver jewelry, loose colored gem stones, and more.
A fifteen year old gem cutting and trading house located in central Thailand.
They promote the export of gemstones and jewellery, including handicrafts made of silver and gold. Special emphasis is placed on the work of Thai gemstone cutters, designers, artisans and craftsmen.