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One of the leading exporters of woodenware in Thailand.
Wholesale trade of Mulberry (Saa) Paper Products and handmade paper frames from Thailand, as well as export of various natural handicraft gifts from around Asia.
Specialize in exporting art, craft and jewelry products for global trade.
Manufacturer, exporter and wholesale supplier of innovative, handmade countryside crafts from Thailand. Home accessories, gifts, handicrafts made of renewable local materials. Saa paper hand fans and wedding favors, greeting cards and more.
Wholesale arts and crafts from Thailand, Thai handicrafts and Asian & Oriental home Decor. Exported directly from Thailand to Importers and retailers worldwide.
Offers fine handmade aromatic and unscented candles.
Supports the local vendors who has knowledge with their on the handicratts works.
Thailand trading exporter of many kind of Thai's handicrafts products, Celadon ceramic ware, Benjarong ceramic wares, Lai-Thong ceramic ware, Gold foil Pagoda, Gum Benjamin and Thai silk under "THAICRAFTS" trade mark.
Exporter and manufacturer of handicrafts, woodcarvings, and home furnishings, including bamboo accessories, resin figurines, and pottery.
Wholesalers of wooden made handicrafts for export.
Thaiwah handmade crafts and arts from Asian and Thailand.
Manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of mango wood and bamboo products.