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manufactures and exports bedding sheets.
BIO-Microcuttent2000 use the electronic facial computer to help the body repairs itself through the use of very low level electrical impulses. These impulses stimulate the rebuilding of the skin tissues by activating dormant cells, increasing blood circulation, and infiltrate moisture to the dry skin layers.
manufacturer and exporter of potpourri, dried flower, and scented incense.
Manufacturer and exporter of green ceramic Celadon-style tableware and vases.
We supply Food Service Equipment and Wooden Houseware products for over 10 years.
Crea-Line Studio (CLS) was founded early in 2000. Our aim is to have a very selective range of highly appealing and beautiful products, mostly hand-CRAFTED items, which are promoted by an efficient website.
All of our products are hand-made weaving products which have been adapted from lace design as I am good at and really doting in lace making.
Hand crafts stainless steel cutlery, fork, spoon, utensil on the dining table. Our product are hand made.
Thailand' top, most magnificent Cups, Trophies, Plagues, Medal for all events. In gold, silver, bronze wide range designs.
manufacturer and exporter of yarns, polyester and pile fabrics, and blankets.
Karat Sanitaryware Public Company Limited was registered as a public company with the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 1991. The company manufactures Vitreous China sanitaryware under the "KARAT" trademark and various other products for customers under an assortment of different trademarks.
"We are manufacturer of high quality wooden kitchenware in Thailand.
Laminate floor,solidfloor,floor,solid,engineered floor
Offers a wide range of home furniture products that can be exported around Thailand and throughout the world.
Our company has produces ceramic decorative items for eight years. All products are made by hand from non-toxic chemical substances and materials.
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Offers ceramic lamps and vases.
Manufactures and exports plastic food storage containers, housewares, furniture, and more.
Produces wooden clocks, pen sets, and other gifts.
manufacturers and exporters of potpourri and scented gift items.