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Equipment and Supplies

All imported consumer goods, especially medical products were short and causing the price to sky rocket, Mr. Amnuay at that time owned a drug store.
Manufacturer and distributor of various types of anti-bacterial products such as underwear, bedsheet, pillowcase, towel, handkerchief, shirt, sleeping dress, socks, insoles, and more.
AstraZeneca in Thailand is a leading supplier of innovative medicines to Thai hospitals, drug stores and clinics, using OLIC (Thailand) Ltd. to distribute medicines to more than 200 hospitals.
Produces high quality, comfortable healthcare products for health care and food Industries. The company sells facemasks, surgical gowns, medicaps, and shoe covers.
Psychological Services International (PSI) provides professional mental health services for the expatriate community of Bangkok.
Supplies a broad range of high quality products for the industrial, laboratory, and medical & healthcare sectors.
Xlentus is a management consulting firm focused on the healthcare industry. We provide and support services and solutions designed to help hospitals, other health providers to maximize operating efficiencies and improve the quality of care.