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Manufacturer and distributor of corn snacks and candies.
European Food Public Company Limited can be regarded as a fully-fledged leading confectioner nowadays and a market leader in the food and snack industry of the country.
Manufacturer of Thai Snacks such as Hanami Prawn Crackers, Snack Jack Crispy Green Pea, Hanaka Squid Flavoured Snack, Arsenal cookies and Biscuits, Corn Puff, Colatto Chocolate and Prawn Crackers.
Manufactures a range of gummy and gelatin-based candies.
Hard Boiled Candy fruit flavours candy with attractive packaging in different shapes of candy : rectangular shape, oval shape and HEART shape.
They are one of leading manufacturers of biscuits in China. Product range includes crackers, cookies, puff, oat, sandwiches, soda, cakes.
Khong Guan biscuit factory (Thailand) company, manufactures biscuits, crackers, cookies and chocolate-related products for world markets.
S.P.R. Food Industry Co. Ltd. : We specialize in manufacturing and distributing a wide range of high quality snack foods such as seasoning corn & rice snack, rice cake and bread stick.
Welcome to a Candy Kingdom - We are proficiency in confectionery production. Our products consist of many product types,with variety of product design,pack in different packages.
Thai Lotte took first steps as a chewing gum manufacturer joint-venture between SAHA group and Lotte (Japan ), upon its founding in 1989 , Briding outward from our success in chewing gum, in 1996 we began commercial production of hard boiled candy.
At present, product expansion focuses on biscuit, wafer, snack, candy and jelly.
Producing a variety of potato and corn snacks, including Big Bat chips, designed in the shape of a phantom.
Manufacturer and distributor of potato and corn snacks.