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Manufacturer and exporter of canned rice, rubber, aut aircon components, insulation tape and children's play clay and dough.
The first commercial Abalone farm operated in Thailand starting in 1996.
Registered on April 26, 1993 at the Ministry of Commerce, Bangkok, Thailand.
Major agrobusiness company : fresh chicken meat in various cutout sizes, feed mills, stock farm, broiler farm.
Maunfacturer of instant noodle and food products.
Scotch Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has distributed its supplemental food products throughout Thailand via all distribution channels including mom-and-pop stores, shopping malls etc.
Begins with extensive searching prime source where each is individually picked and delicately selected, and with highly advanced processing technology, the exellence of natural taste, flavor and nutritive value are best preserved.
Deals mainly with agricultural product that are grown and produced in Thailand.
Strategic Catering Co. Ltd. : Our main businesses are importing and distributing food products with high quality : Wine, Fruit Juice, Olive Oil and Pasta Products.
Surin Bran Oil : Producer of refined rice bran oil, acid oil, extracted rice bran, crude rice bran oil.
We manufacture and export rice vermicelli, rice flour, rice and rice products, glutinous rice and rice flour, instant ready rice noodle, rice flake, Tom Yum vermicelli.
One of the leading rice exporter in Thailand dealing in export of Thai rice through the International market.
Delivers organic vegetables in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, and Pathumthanee. Also in Thai.
Venturetech Co., Ltd., the best Thailand world.
Venturetech Co., Ltd., the best Thailand world.
Fresh Market Thai products foods components cuisine our goods high quality Online Retail-Wholesale from fresh market Thailand.
VPP Progressive Ltd. was chartered in late 1994 for the roasted coffee business.
Describes range of products, mainly based on rice, facilities and history.