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Frozen Products

Supplies frozen fish, shrimp, and other seafood products.
Far East Cold Storage, one of the leading Thai Exporter of shrimps and other sea foods.
At present, the company is one of Thailand's leading producers and exporters of top quality finished and semi-finished rice crackers made entirely from selected non-broken glutinous rice without any additives.
Pataya Food Industries Ltd. was established in 1979. This was in concert with the government of Thailand's effort to promote local industries thus creating job opportunities, extending international commerce and improving the balance of trade.
Progress and Riches is the marketing & sales company and processor of frozen seafood products (Frozen tilapia fish, Frozen cuttle fish, Frozen squid, Frozen octopus) in the center of Thailand.
They produce all types of canned tuna ranging from Light Meat Tuna to White Meat Tuna as well as a broad line of Tuna base value added Foods.
Seafresh Chitosan is the largest chitin and chitosan producer in Thailand.
One of the industry leaders in sourcing and delivering the highest quality frozen seafood to major buyers worldwide.
One of the top five Trading companies of Frozen Seafood products in Thailand.
Spanseafood, we are seafood trader, exporter and importer of many seafood products in thailand, seafood, fish, frozen fish, cold storage, seafood export, seafood wholesale, delivery.
Manufacturer and exporter of Frozen Thai Style Cooked Food in Thailand and experienced in research and development in Thai restaurant for 16 years.
We are the abalone farming in Thailand. We have many abalone products - Live abalone, Frozen abalone,etc. Please visit our website to get more information.
Nonprofit organization focused on the industry of processing and exporting frozen fishery and agricultural products.
A manufacturer and exporter of frozen seafood. According to, canned tuna and canned petfood are the main products of Thai Union Group.
Through twenty years of operations, Thai Union Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the world's leading producer of canned seafood.