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Ebetta2u, the online Betta stock shop. Check the stock shop for your pleasure!! We are located in Thailand. We also sell Betta wholesale.
They export guppy fish from Thailand. This is a great place to order fancy guppies. Information about the strains we work with, how to breed guppies, picture gallery.
Breeder of mono-sex Tilapia strain fish. Our emphasis over the past few years has been research and development into new strains of tilapia with superior colour, body shape and growth rate.
Importer and exporter of wholesale aquarium fish specializing in freshwater tropical species from Thailand.
Pompadua House Discus Farm breeds symphosydon discus in Thailand and exports to China, Japan, and the world.
Offers aquarium supplies and equipment. In Thai.
Exporter of freshwater tropical fish including Discus, Goldfish, Koi, and Cichild.
Mr. Takrit Cheewaputtisakul, He is one of the oldest professional discus breeder and one of the best discus exporter in Thailand at high quality, good conditions and healthy to all over the world.
Visit our website to find various strains of discus. Our company, with strong network of discus breeders and suppliers, breeds and exports stunning and high-quality discuses to the world market.
A worldwide tropical fish exporter with over 32 years of experience. We supply all kind of tropical fishes : discus,bettas,cichilds,tetra.