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Languages Schools

English-Thai and Thai-English online dictionary. Seems to work well for individual words but not for phrases (ed.)
Studying Thai in the ALG Program can be compared to living with a Thai family. We don't use books as our basis. Instead we create real-life experiences that are interesting and understandable.
Shaping up to be the most comprehensive dictionary of English Idioms and Slang. Reference directory guide for anyone interested in improving their English speaking and writing abilities.
aclEnglish was founded in Sydney in 1987 and has since become the largest private English language training organisation in Australia, with a reputation for quality, service and results.
Our program is designed around levels of experiences, call them 'tours into language'. Each hour of 'touring' is made up of understandable experiences, all taking place in the target language.
AlphaSoft offers language courses that are designed for those who want to develop proficiency in a new language from the comfort of their home.
Offering instruction in Thai, using the ALG method as developed by J. Marvin Brown.
Provides group instruction and translation services in Thai, English, French, Italian, and German. Also offers travel reservations.
All you need to know about living and teaching in Bangkok. unbiased opinions on language schools.
Study English or Thai as a residential or Homestay student.
The AEC Bangkok has a team of bilingual counselling staff who are trained to answer your questions regarding Australian education.
The easy English advice help page for second language learners Speak and improve your English
Berlitz Language Services is the world's largest language service provider, with more than 450 language centers in 50 countries.
Offers CELTA, TESOL TEFL, TESL and CELTYL certification courses for teachers. Also provides student lessons at more than 50 branches scattered throughout country.
Language training and education services to schools, corporate clients and individuals.
Service and samples for English editing, translating, carrer (Resume/CV/Cover letter) writing, online learning, legal and business writing.
Learn English at a local school in your area
the most imaginative and resourceful training company in the world.
IELE, Institute for English Language Education, Assumption University, Thailand
offer high-quality language training and translation services over a wide range of languages.