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Largest mobile phone operator in Thailand, part of Shin Group of companies.
Telecommunications and human resources development consulting.
Call Thailand, call from Thailand and call within Thailand cheaply. Discounts on overseas calls using calling cards, callback & VoIP. Telephone Thailand from less than 5 cents a minutes.
Manufacturer and exporter of IP telephony servers and gatekeepers.
Mobile phone service and handsets provider.
Provider of a full range of state-of-the-art solutions for Computer Telephony, Internet, and Network Communication Integration for domestic and international customers.
OpenTone Communications Philippines is a Philippine VoIP company operating for almost 5 yrs and providing lowest rate VoIP services ideal for Business/Corporate, Call Centers.
Planet Communications Asia Co.,Ltd. is Value Added Reseller of Telecom based products.
Provides videoconference services in Bangkok and Pattaya in several hotels.
Provides fixed line telephone, cable TV, and multimedia services.
True Corporation : Fixed telephone line operator. Mobile phone operator. Broadband internet services (ADSL, cable). Value added telephone services.
They are Voice over IP Solutions Providers Company in Thailand. They provide VoIP products and VoIP Services.
VoIP Providers Company. We provide VoIP Solutions and Services in Thailand.