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Asia and Pacific Seed Association
AusThai Connections was founded in 2000 to provide a range of services to businesses, organisations and individuals in Australia and Thailand.
All about the chamber, committee, activities, events, more.
Information from and for Belgians residing in Thailand. Biweekly magazine Kramiek.
A non-profit Japanese government-related organization, JETRO set up its Bangkok office in 1959 to sustain and strengthen bilateral trade and investment between Thailand and Japan.
All about MAT, history, committee, members, more.
The main objectives of the Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce (NTCC) is to provide information concerning trade, commerce, industry, finance and investment in Thailand and in the Netherlands.
Siam FI is a private investigation service with a section for propertty sales and rent.
Singapore-Thai Chamber of Commerce : we aim to encourage trade and investment interactivity between Singapore and Thailand.
The basic aims for the Swedish - Thai Chamber of Commerce is to inspire and facilitate trade and business- exchange between Sweden and Thailand.
For manufacturers, traders and users.
Established since 1985, TEMCA has made its mark in Thailand's electrical and mechanical industry with a membership of more than 380 companies and in continually expanding every year.
The Association was founded in 1966 according to the Commercial Association Act. of 1996 under the supervising of Commercial Association's Registration Office, Bangkok.
Organization that promote the tanning industry in Thailand.
Our objective is to provide a forum to promote the exchange of ideas, information and opportunities for individuals and companies with an interest in commercial relations between Canada and Thailand.
The objectives of the association are to promote Thailand and Hong Kong's trading, industrial, investment, financial and economic activities.
The purpose of this organization is to provide information about the Thai language, culture, education, jobs, food/restaurants, import-export, travel, living in Ireland, science-technology and the Thai community in Ireland.