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NPC is Thailand's first olefins producer to enter the world's standard with its achievement of international certifications.
Specializing in delivering world-class product and services to satisfy your motoring needs.
They offer design consultation, installation and start-up expertise, training of field personnel and establishment of maintenance programs.
Generates and sells electric power, engages in utilities, and other business related to or part of the energy sector.
Part of ERG invites Corporate, NGO, and Govt. Institutions, & individuals to be an annual subscriber and enjoy concessions on - consultancy services, reports & special features, newsletters, banner ads & other benefits.
EEI offers Turn-key energy services that will reduce your energy costs, reduce your maintenance costs, improve your productivity, maximize your energy efficiency, modernize your facility.
Our company, Lucky Flame Co.,Ltd., has been a manufacturer of gas appliances and accessories for more than 20 years.
PTIT concern lies in the development and strengthening of organizations, personnel and facilities throughout Thailand, to meet the needs of the petroleum and petrochemical industries.
The national petroleum exploration and production company that has constantly supported national energy development for more than a decade.
Prominent Thai company in the gas and oil business.
As a wholly Thai company, Rayong Purifier Co., Ltd. was established January 27, 1995 with a capital investment of Bt 150 million.
They are one of Thailand's leading manufacturers of plastic packaging. T.R.C. can produce a vast rang of packaging: size, shapes, and styles that are tailored to with customer's needs.
A producer and marketer of O.P.P. (Orientated Polypropylene) film for use in the food packaging, tobacco and adhesive tape industries.
Thailand's most prestigious oil, petrochemical and energy-related company.
Thai Petroleum Pipeline Co., Ltd. is one of Thailand first organizations to introduce oil transportation through pipelines in order to improve efficiency of oil transportation system.
Oilfield chemical products, service of chemical treatment in the gas and oil industry. Total sludge management. Masterbatch and plastic compounds.
Energy Consultant who provides the total solution, from system design, equipment selection and installation, safety and cost management and preventive maintenance. Part of SHV Gas of the Netherlands.