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Air conditioning unit & systems, air cooled and water cooled chiller, heat pump, air handling equipment .
Manufacture optical fiber cable from a modern production facility in Chachoengsao province of Thailand.
Siam Pacific and its subsidiary, Pacific-Thai Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. has provided high quality wires and cables (TIS approved and UL marked) in both local and foreign markets.
SIVACON low-voltage switchboard is the standard solution for building and industrial technology.
The products we supply are ironing system used by manufactory, inspection system, various type of steam boilers, electric iron and more.
Offers video and audio equipment including product services.
Assembly services using surface mount (SMT), through hole (IMT) and chip on board (COB) technologies.
A trusted name in ventilation, blowers, fans, electric motor and electric water pump field for over 30 years.
A wholesaler of headphone, earphone, microphone, wirless microphone, speaker, adapter, transformer, CD / DVD cleaner, VDO tape cleaner, cable, and Audio / Video accessories.
They are leader in communication cables, computer cables, every kind of electronic cables, and TV connectors. We are established in the industry for more than 14 years, with more than 400 distributor.
Printed Circuit Board Assembly, PCBA, Contract Electronics Manufacturer, CEM, Printed Wiring Board Assembly, PWBA, Flex Printed Circuit Assembly, FPCA, Electronics Assembly, Contract Manufacturer,etc.
They are leading manufacturer of ballast in Thailand; our company supplies a good quality of products such as ballasts, transformers, HID, DC invertor, ignitor, and so on.
Manufacturer of electric transformers in Thailand. The quality of its products are accepted by engineers and industrialists.
For more than 18 years, as an importer of products such as telephone, emergency lantern and electrical appliance.
A manufacturer of transformer such as Single Phase Transformer 1VA-10KVA,Adapter, Choke, Power Supply, Coil, Variable.
Offers satellite broadcasting services of Thai TV shows and news worldwide. Also broadcasts sample of the shows on the Internet.
Offers satellite broadcasting services of Thai TV shows and news worldwide. Also broadcasts sample of the shows on the Internet. Also in Thai.
Theematek Company, Ltd. was established in Febuary 1997, by a group of engineers specialized in Lightning & Transients protection technology.
Toshiba Air Conditioning, news, product specifications, technical diagrams, CAD icons and instant links to the experts. An immense amount of easy to access, downloadable information.
U.M.I.Rack Enclosure manufacture an extensive array of customized enclosures and its accessories.