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Professional handicrafts design and production centre located in northern Thailand.
Offers gifts, handicrafts and decorative items for online Shopping and Exporter.
Handicraft manufacturer, explorer wholesaler and retailer. Original design decorative item and gifts.
Wooden products manufacturer for table clock, wall clock and stationary desk set.
marketplace for handicrafts from Thailand including traditional Thai dance costumes (Ram Thai) and shadow puppet theater articles (Nang Talung).
Provides stoneware and ceramics consist of pot plant, dragon jar, and terra-cotta.
Wholesale exporters of regional handicrafts and gifts from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.
Specialist Wholesaler of Thai Handicrafts including Teakwood Furniture Mango wood Bamboo and Benjarong porcelain from Thailand and suurounding countries.
Wholesaler and manufacturer offers craft products including greeting cards, handmade paper, skeleton leaves, scented candles and lace.
Produces high fired stoneware handicrafts with traditional wood ash glaze (celadon) : top tableware, figurines, vases, lamp bases and decorative items.
The higest quality of Benjarong Wares.
Wholesale and Export thai handicrafts from Chiang Mai : saa paper, lamp, mango wood, umbrella.
We specialize in providing high quality, hand-made wickerwork from rattan , reed and vine,decorative pottery, garde decorative items and outdoor furniture.
The center of Thai hand made products and woodcraft products, especially the wood carving.
Located in the northern city of Chiang Mai - the handicrafts and silver arts center of Thailand.
Produces the Herbal flower in an original Thai style for decorating a room and for making the air fragrant with the herb scent.
offer the beauty and style of thai silk ,mudmee silk,exquisite and unrivaled batik hand paint for shopping online,at bagain prices.
They offer a variety of merchandise such as handbags made of Thai Silk, painted pottery, aromatherapy gifts from Thai flower extracts and gemstones.
Southeast Asia Treasures- your home for fine handicrafts, Asian home decor, home accents, and gifts from Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.
Starship Export , a Canadian - Thai company, has been supplying importers worldwide with the hottest selling Thai crafts for over 11 years. Our focus is on products from Chiang Mai.